Boat Trip

Boat Trip (2002)

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Corrected entry: After Nick and Inga decide to have sex, Nick goes to the ship's shop to buy condoms. Nick went on this cruise with the sole purpose of having as much sex as possible. So therefore, it is very strange that he didn't bring any condoms with him. (00:34:30)

Correction: Perhaps from past experiences he has gone somwehere with the intent to have sex, nothing happened, so he didn't bother getting condoms before the trip because he really didn't think it would happen.


Corrected entry: When all the girls arrive at the boat, Nick says that they are twelve, but actually there are more.

Correction: Nope, there are twelve.

Continuity mistake: When the coach is grabbing Inga's buttocks, she is seen grabbing them with both hands but when the camera angle changes her right hand is at her side. Happens twice during the scene each time she grabs them. (00:36:50)


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Felicia: Be careful with those briefcases, they're worth more than what you make in a year.

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