Revealing mistake: Throughout the movie the rescue helicopter changes. The paint job remains the same but they're two entirely different choppers. This can be most easily seen by the flat single-pane windshield of one and the round wrap-around windshield of the other.

Continuity mistake: When the girl is about to lower the boy down on the rope to save their dad, she loops the rope through the carribena, but she never actually does it up.

Continuity mistake: The kids are repelling down a steep icy ridge. The polar bear is at the top of the ridge above them. The girl is on her way down, and her brother says something to the bear cub. Before he speaks he is holding onto the rope that his sister is attached to, then they cut to a shot of the bear, then back to the boy and he is now holding an axe, with the rope nowhere to be seen.

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Perry: Mr. Koontz, I don't think you understand me. Let me clear: I'm accustomed to getting what I want. I want that bear.

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