A Life Less Ordinary

Continuity mistake: When Robert finds Celine after she has been kidnapped by O'Reilly and Jackson we see several times that O'Reilly has bled from her left nostril and the blood has run down onto her bottom lip. After she gets shot, the blood stops at her top lip.

01:22:30 - 01:23:50


Continuity mistake: When Robert is first attacked by the security guards he grabs a gun from them and warns them off. As they back away we see two baseball caps either side of him but when the shot changes to behind him there are three baseball caps directly behind him. Also, the distance between him and the nearest guard gets bigger.



Continuity mistake: When Jackson is playing cards with Celine, the arrangement of Celine's cards changes depending on the camera angle without anyone touching them.

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Trivia: Random point. The hiker who stops Ewan McGregor during his escape is Timothy Olyphant, in only his second film role. You may not know the name, but he went on to play the killer in Scream 2, a drug dealer in Go, and a detective in Gone in 60 Seconds. Well, I was surprised.

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