The Boy Friend

Continuity mistake: Polly Browne is in her dressing room with a picture of Tony Brockhurst on her mirror. She starts to sing and picks the picture off the mirror. As we see a close-up in her hands it is a totally different picture of Tony. As she puts it back, the photo has reverted back to the original.

Tommy: You know the double-trip maxie ford with the knickerbocker break.

Maisie: Say, that's a kickie step. Who taught you that?
Tommy: Search me, Toots? You see, as a kid I was kicked in the head and when I came to - amnesia.
Maisie: How on earth did that happen?
Tommy: You've heard of the Russian Revolution - and all that jazz?
Maisie: Yes.
Tommy: Well, I'm told I was on the steppes of Odessa, when the Whites went bananas. When I woke up, all I could remember was how to tap dance.

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