Shallow Grave

Visible crew/equipment: A boom mike is reflected in the car window, when Alex pushes Hugo's car into the lake.

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Plot hole: When Juliet and David spend some money, they are seen watching a tape of the footage they filmed with a new camcorder. When Alex is in the bath, we see him with the camcorder (it is not a reflection in the mirror) - where did the second one come from?

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Visible crew/equipment: Alex and Juliet are cavorting around filming themselves with their new camcorder. In the shot of Alex wearing a black plastic hat and shades you get a quick glimpse of a third person standing very still in the background also filming with a camcorder. It appears to be a tallish fair-haired man wearing a long-sleeved white shirt. Alex and Juliet are supposedly the only two people present, with Juliet holding their camera, so presumably it's a cameraman taking some extra footage from a different angle.

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