Thirteen Days

Visible crew/equipment: In all the President Kennedy White House shots, you can see the boom mic peak down several times. Look for the group shots, and the boom mic will be there.

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Continuity mistake: On the Pentagon the plot shows the USS John R Pierce intercepting the two Soviet ship but the marker on the plot says DD722 (it is upside down). DD722 was the USS Barton whilst the Pierce is correctly shown in the external shots as DD753.


Continuity mistake: O'Donnell's son's report card has a grade D for effort. However, according to the scale printed directly below the grade, the awardable effort grades are A, B, C or U - not D.


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Suggested correction: The sons name on the report card is Kevin. His name was Kenneth, Jr. Kevin was younger.

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Trivia: This is the second JFK-related film starring Kevin Costner in which he has played someone other than Kennedy. The first was 'JFK'.

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