Nocturnal Animals

Factual error: When Jake Gyllenhaal confronts one of the suspects in the shed and wakes up (several hours later) after being knocked out cold, he moves the dead guy's arm. Normally, bodies stiffen up after being dead for several hours, but when Tony (Jake) moves the other guy's arm, it is not stiff at all.

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Trivia: Although they play mother and daughter, Laura Linney is only 10 years older than Amy Adams.

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Edward Sheffield: When you love someone you have to be careful with it, you might never get it again.

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Anne Sutton: We all eventually turn into our mothers.

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Edward Sheffield: You can't just walk away from things all the time.

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New this week Question: What happened to Andes? Why didn't he join Tony? Why didn't we see him or hear about him again?


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