The More the Merrier

Other mistake: When Benjamin Dingle first steps into Connie Milligan's apartment, a closed bedroom door in the background inexplicably swings wide open on its own, right in the middle of the shot.

Charles Austin Miller

Benjamin Dingle: What's your name?
Joe Carter: Carter.
Benjamin Dingle: Bill Carter?
Joe Carter: Joe Carter.
Benjamin Dingle: I used to know a fellow named Bill Carter.
Joe Carter: Wasn't me.
Benjamin Dingle: Don't you suppose I know that?
Joe Carter: What'd you ask for, then?
Benjamin Dingle: I guess I know what Bill Carter looked like.
Joe Carter: Not like me.
Benjamin Dingle: Oh, then, you know Bill Carter.
Joe Carter: No, I don't, but he sounds like a great guy.

Joe Carter: What do you do?
Benjamin Dingle: I'm a well-to-do, retired millionaire. How 'bout you?
Joe Carter: Same.

Connie Milligan: You've been shushing me for 22 months now. You've shushed your last shush.

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