The Walk

Factual error: The delivery van bringing gear for the walk has a 718 area code on it. That area code did not exist until 1984.

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Factual error: When Philippe Petit and his friends leave the Chinese restaurant after celebrating his walk, the subway station behind them shows signs for the J, M and Z trains. The scene takes place in 1974, but the Z train did not exist until 1988.

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Continuity mistake: When Joseph Gorden-Levitt is performing his street act in Paris, somebody drops a jaw-breaker candy into his hat instead of money. He removes the jaw-breaker, performs some sleight-of-hand with it for the entertainment of the crowd, then deftly drop-kicks the candy into his mouth and bites down on it hard on the right side. It breaks his tooth and he immediately goes to the dentist; but he is clutching the left side of his face, instead of the right side.

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Charles Austin Miller

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