Factual error: In the Japanese prison camp, the Japanese flag shown is the post war flag consisting only of a red circle.



Factual error: The plane that returns some of the troops to the USA in the last scene is displaying the registration VH-HID - this is a current Australian aviation registration number, not a US plane.


Factual error: When the American prisoners are allowed by the Japanese to finally bathe in a local river, a B-29 flies over, but it has Army Air Force insignia under both wings. To be correct, the insignia should only appear on the upper left, and the lower right wing.


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Trivia: During the Cinderella performance in the POW camp, one "sister" demands her dress be fixed so that she can woo the charming Prince Hillenbrand. Laura Hillenbrand is the author of the biography on which this film is based.

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