The Nutcracker

Audio problem: After Marie's mom bring her food, she walks out the door and closes it behind her. Before her arm leaves the shot through the door, you can hear the sound of the door finish shutting, as if she shut her arm in the door, but she keeps moving and then her arm slips through.

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Continuity mistake: After Fritz shoves too many nuts in the Nutcracker's mouth and breaks his teeth, he gives it back to Marie and she cries out, "now you can't have him!", in this shot only a few teeth are missing. About 1 from the top row, and 1 or 2 from the bottom row. After the shot of Fritz saying, "will I ever survive?" in a very sarcastic manner, it cuts back to Marie with the Nutcracker, and suddenly a lot more teeth are missing. About 2 or 3 from the top row, and 4 or so from the bottom row, and they are more spread out in the bottom row.

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Continuity mistake: When Marie is at the family dinner table and gets mad, saying she's not imagining it, her plate is shown. It has a full variety of food, green stuff, bread, some mash potatoes, and a bit of meat. Then just a couple shots later when Drosselmeier is about to speak, her plate suddenly is covered in just meat.

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Marie Stahlbaum: Gosh, this is the most wonderful Christmas ever!
Fritz Stahlbaum: Look at all these presents! I didn’t think we were good enough this year to get all this!
Marie Stahlbaum: Well… you weren’t. But I make up for it.
Fritz Stahlbaum: Ha ha, Marie. Watch it or I’ll have my soldiers attack.
[Fritz fires a toy cannon.]
Marie Stahlbaum: Uh! I am just tooooo scared for words.

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Marie Stahlbaum: It’s time to see Godfather Drosselmeier’s present.
Marie Stahlbaum: what do you think it will be?
Fritz Stahlbaum: Hey, with Godfather Drosselmeier, you never know. One thing’s for sure, it’s gona be great!

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Marie Stahlbaum: Ah! Look what you did, you broke him!
Fritz Stahlbaum: Guess he won’t make a very good soldier now.
Marie Stahlbaum: Oh you hurt my nutcracker… Now you can’t have him!
Fritz Stahlbaum: Will I ever survive?

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Question: In this version of the story, why does the Mouse King have seven heads?

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Answer: The original 1816 story "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" by ETA Hoffmann features the seven-headed Mouse King. Since then there have been numerous adaptations and re-imaginings of that story in literature, on stage and screen in different forms. In the classic versions the Mouse King has seven heads wearing seven crowns, other versions he has only one head, and in a few versions three heads. In the original and other adaptations the number seven is specified several times: Marie Stahlbaum is seven yrs old; the seven-headed Mouse King; the seven steps backwards; seven little crowns. The makers of this animated movie chose to feature the classic Mouse King.

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