The Nutcracker

Question: In this version of the story, why does the Mouse King have seven heads?

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Answer: The original 1816 story "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" by ETA Hoffmann features the seven-headed Mouse King. Since then there have been numerous adaptations and re-imaginings of that story in literature, on stage and screen in different forms. In the classic versions the Mouse King has seven heads wearing seven crowns, other versions he has only one head, and in a few versions three heads. In the original and other adaptations the number seven is specified several times: Marie Stahlbaum is seven yrs old; the seven-headed Mouse King; the seven steps backwards; seven little crowns. The makers of this animated movie chose to feature the classic Mouse King.

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Continuity mistake: After the fruit people fall down, the camera pans over to a Christmas tree with lots of large red ornaments on it. You see The Nutcracker’s reflection come up on one as they move closer, and the reflection shows he has his arm outstretched pointing at something. The camera then cuts back to show Nutcracker and Marie, but his arm is not extended. He then lifts his arm to point.

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Marie Stahlbaum: I had to, mother. Nutcracker was in danger.
Mrs. Sthalbaum: The only one who was in danger was you. How could you have been so carless as to bump your head? We’ve all been very worried about you.
Fritz Stahlbaum: Not me! Marie’s head is so hard, the floor would crack before she would.
Mrs. Sthalbaum: That’ll be enough Fritz!

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