House of Cards

Chapter 35 - S3-E9

Factual error: When Doug Stamper sits down at his laptop and throws the contents of his cup at the screen, the image immediately freezes and distorts. This would not happen so quickly in a real world event. It may eventually happen but not instantaneously. (00:23:10)

Mike Walker

Chapter 39 - S3-E13

Continuity mistake: In one scene, Claire Underwood is returning to the White House from Iowa. In the hallway leading to her bedroom's stairs, she is followed by a black female Secret Service agent, obviously part of her entourage, who stops to stand guard at the beginning of the stairs. In another scene 30 minutes later, that same agent is seen standing guard at the entry of the campaigning house in which Frank Underwood is going to say his victory speech. But Claire has not flown from Washington to Iowa, so the agent should not be there. (00:15:15 - 00:45:30)

Chapter 53 - S5-E1

Continuity mistake: Masterson spits on the glass while Frank talks to him. The spit pattern changes at least once during the scene. Check the lines running down the glass.

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Chapter 24 - S2-E11

Frank Underwood: From the lion's den to a pack of wolves. When you're fresh meat: kill, and throw them something fresher.


Chapter 46 - S4-E7

Frank Underwood: [Stands between the portraits of Kennedy and Reagan.] All three of us took bullets. [Nods to Reagan's.] Well, I know why we're smiling, we survived.


Chapter 1 - S1-E1

Francis Underwood: Linda Vasquez, Walker's chief of staff. I got her hired. She's a woman, check, a Latina, check, but more importantly, she's as tough as a two dollar steak. Check check check. When it comes to the White House, you don't just need the keys in your back pocket, you need the gatekeeper.

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Season 4 generally

Question: In season 3, they were setting up how it was probably going to be Mendoza running for the Republicans. Is there any particular reason they chose Conway instead of Mendoza? (Be it behind the scenes or not).


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