House of Cards

Continuity mistake: When Kathleen Turner is talking to Tommy Lee Jones in the hallway of the institution, in some shots the wide collar of her shirt is outside of her jacket, and in other shots it's tucked inside.


Continuity mistake: When Tommy Lee Jones is testing Sally, she throws plastic canisters at the window in the interview room. Jones has one in his right hand which he wags back and forth. Brief cut to back shot of Jones, and he is drumming the fingers of his right hand on his left arm. Then cuts back to him wagging the canister. (00:01:30)

Continuity mistake: When Sally is on the roof and sees her mom, Kathleen Turner's, hat is on backwards, she starts to scream, causing her mom to fall. She falls directly out of the window. When Kathleen Turner turns her hat back around, Sally starts walking back to the window, but when they show her walking back, her mom is several feet to the right from under the window.

Continuity mistake: When Sally is sitting in the back of the pickup truck at the beginning, in some shots her bangs are parted in the middle, and in other shots they're combed straight down.


Ruth Matthews: We all go a little crazy sometimes, Doctor.
Jake Beerlander: Yes, Ms. Matthews, but most of us come back.

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