Deduce, You Say

Deduce, You Say (1956)

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Continuity mistake: When we see Dorlock Holmes at his desk at the start of the cartoon, you can see that he is writing with the feather in his right hand, but in the next shot he is holding the feather with his left hand.

Trivia: On the wall near the door in the "Henry the Eighth's Fifth", there is a sign saying "Burton's Rock Beer" - a reference to John Burton, a production manager at Warner Brothers.

Trivia: There is a sign at the "Henry the Eighth's Fifth" advertising "Selzer's Water" - a reference to the Warner Brothers producer Eddie Selzer.

Dorlock Holmes: All right, Watkins. Enough of your bumbling.
Porky Watkins: B-Bumbling upsets Holmes no end.

Porky Watkins: Name? Speak up, old boy.
Shropshire Slasher: Shropshire Slasher.
Porky Watkins: Occupation?
Shropshire Slasher: Shropshire Slasher.

Dorlock Holmes: I may be down, but the jig is up.

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