Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Factual error: When Ron and Freddie have breakfast in the diner, Trivial Pursuit cards are seen on the table. The game was first sold in 1982, but the movie is set in 1980.

Factual error: When Ron starts to fume at Jack Lime; Tony Montana, from Scarface, is seeing shooting his gun, in Ron's eyes. However, Scarface (and thus Tony Montana) didn't come out till 1983 and this takes place in 1980.


Factual error: In the scene where Wes Mantooth shows up to aid Ron Burgundy, the rear of a 1988-1990 era LTD Crown Victoria taxi is scene in the background. The movie takes place in 1980. (01:00:00)

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Freddie Shapp: You're on the 2 AM to 5 AM slot.
Ron Burgundy: What? That's the graveyard shift!
Brick Tamland: I ain't afraid of no ghost!

Ron Burgundy: I'm not trying to be funny, but are you sure he's not a midget with a learning disability?

Ron Burgundy: I'm so lonely, I paid a hobo to spoon with me.

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