The Music Box

The Music Box (1932)

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Continuity mistake: When Oliver is running away from the sliding piano crate on the steps, you can see the crate has its back facing the camera. But when he is run over by the crate, it is now facing the front.

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Revealing mistake: When Stan falls off the balcony and into the fountain when throwing Oliver's bowler hat back at him, you can see water marks on the walls caused by splashes from previous takes.

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Revealing mistake: When Oliver is fleeing the rolling crate on the steps, he falls to the ground and the crate flies over him. At this point, the wires pulling the crate are visible.

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Trivia: "The Music Box" won the first Academy Award for Live Action Short Film in 1932. It was also the only Laurel and Hardy film to be honoured with an Oscar.

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Trivia: "The Music Box" is a remake of one of Laurel and Hardy's earlier silent films, "Hats Off", which is now presumed lost.

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