Best movie mistakes of 1932

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The Mummy picture

Continuity mistake: When the two men talk in the tent at the beginning, watch when one turns around - there is a clear cut in mid action where the men's positions change without any movement. (00:13:05)

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Horse Feathers picture

Continuity mistake: When Chico and Harpo bring Groucho ice in his office at Huxley College, Harpo is wearing some kind of earmuffs. Between shots they change from going round his chin to behind his head.

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The Crowd Roars picture

Continuity mistake: Joe shoves Lee's friend Ann out the door and twists the lock so she can't come back in. After he and Lee argue, he then storms out the same door, which somehow opens for him easily, even though he hasn't unlocked it again. (00:31:10)

Jean G
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Any Old Port! picture

Continuity mistake: When Stan pulls the tablecloth off the table whilst Oliver is trying to retrieve the key from Mugsy, at the far end of the table you can see a cup fall off the saucer. In the next shot, the cup is back on the saucer again.

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Scram! picture

Continuity mistake: When Arthur Houseman takes out the water from the jug and replaces it with gin, you can see there are two glasses in front of the jug, but when we see him pouring gin into the jug in the next shot, the glasses have changed position.

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Helpmates picture

Continuity mistake: When Oliver pulls down the chimney pipe from the stove, he is hit by a cloud of soot. At this point, you can see that the top of Oliver's hat is clean, but when Stan appears in the next shot, his hat is now covered in soot.

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The Music Box picture

Continuity mistake: When Oliver falls into the fountain with the wooden crate, you can tell the crate is empty because it is floating. But when we see a close-up of Oliver in the next shot, the crate has been weighed down and is not floating.

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Movie Crazy picture

Continuity mistake: When Harold climbs in the window of his house, his car rolls away to the right. After hearing the crash, he runs back to the window and looks out - to the right, where he sees the wreck. But that's the wrong direction. From inside the house, the wreck should be to the left. (00:08:00)

Jean G
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Island of Lost Souls picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Dr Moreau is showing Parker his plant experiments there is a moment, just after Moreau says "That's one there", when the camera moves past a pillar and the shadow of some equipment is cast on the pillar. (00:30:28)

Jack Vaughan
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Grand Hotel picture

Continuity mistake: When the Baron is dead and Mr. Kringelein enters in the room, he kneels by him and says a few lines about him looking peaceful. His left arm is on the chair in a position different from the shot before and after, where the hand is at the end of the armrest.

Sammo Premium member
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Pack Up Your Troubles picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Stan and Oliver walk up the steps to their flat after "borrowing" money from the bank, the shadow of a boom mike is following them up the steps.

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