Other mistake: From level three onwards, flower pots are seen in the windows. If you go under the flower pots and go upwards, it prevents you from moving showing us it is blocked. But when Ralph keeps breaking the building and rubble starts to fall, it gets past the flower pots but somehow manages to hit Felix if he is under it. So somehow, the rubble can get past the flower pots, but Felix cannot, but he still gets hit if he were under the flower pots anyway.

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There are two ways to perform this glitch. When the glitch is performed, the game can't progress, regardless of the fact all windows on the current floor have been fixed. Ralph will continue to throw bricks and Felix can still be moved, but the game will stay on the current floor. One way of performing this glitch is to 'die' just as the last window on the floor is fixed. The second way to perform the glitch is to press the fix button on a window and have Ralph destroy the window whilst it's being fixed.