Bug: There are two ways to perform this glitch. When the glitch is performed, the game can't progress, regardless of the fact all windows on the current floor have been fixed. Ralph will continue to throw bricks and Felix can still be moved, but the game will stay on the current floor. One way of performing this glitch is to 'die' just as the last window on the floor is fixed. The second way to perform the glitch is to press the fix button on a window and have Ralph destroy the window whilst it's being fixed.

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Bug: If the player presses the pause button just after fixing the final window on a level, the 'You fixed it!' message will pop up, but during the cut-scene where Ralph is thrown off the roof, the 'PAUSE' label will pop up. When the next level is started, the game will pause. Even after pressing the pause button, the 'PAUSE' label will stay onscreen, obscuring the windows and making it difficult to see which are broken and which are fixed.

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Bug: Level 7 only. Get Felix and put him on the right hand side of the first row of the apartment when the rubble falling off the building is about to fall past the window or two above you. If you push left on the joystick, you won't move left at all, leaving the rubble to land on you and lose a life.

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