Audio problem: Some items in the game are destructible. Most when shot will burst into flames and explode with a loud explosion. The item darkens and pieces fly off. Continued shooting of the item causes more loud explosions despite nothing burnable being left.

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Other mistake: Some enemies wear cloth hats. If you shoot the hat it will fly off. Look at the hat on the ground. Where you shot it, it shows a metal bullet hole, on a cloth hat.

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Alec Travelian: For England, James?
James Bond: For England, Alec.

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Trivia: In the Faculty and Silo levels, there are scientists in lab coats running around everywhere. They are noncombatants that you get negative points for killing them. Approaching them will make them raise their hands and shake in fear. If you injure them weakly, like by shooting them in the foot or hand with a weak weapon a few times but where they don't die, some will turn on you. They will either pull out a DD44 pistol and shoot, or pull out a grenade. They will then act like normal enemies. Killing them after this still gives negative points.

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Question: After killing Xenia in the Jungle level, you get to dual wield an RCP 90 and a grenade launcher. Other than when using cheat codes, why is this the only time you can wield 2 different weapons at the same time?

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Chosen answer: In normal gameplay, yes, this is the only level where you can dual wield two different weapons.

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