Other mistake: Whenever Leon reloads his Shotgun, Riot Gun or Striker, he always puts in two shells, regardless of how many are actually reloaded.

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Other mistake: After fighting the lake monster, if Leon is wearing his police uniform (unlocked after beating the game), in the next cutscene he has a nightmare about the Las Plagas in his body. He looks down at his arm (which is now infected with the Las Plagas) and screams, but since the jacket is covering his arm, he would not have been able to see it.

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After Leon beats Bitores Mendez and takes his fake eye, you will notice if you look closely at his corpse that his fake eye is still in his head.



After leaving the main menu of RE4 for about 20 seconds, the trailer for the game comes up. During the course of the trailer, there is a short scene of Ashley putting her head in her arms. This is a reverse of a cut scene in the game where you rescue her after fighting the Iron Maiden, in which she looks up to see Leon.