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Continuity mistake: When you fight the first El Gigante the gates open so you can head to the church. Before you go through the doors look up at the sky, you notice it's just a plain night sky. When you exit (walkway to the church) it's pouring down rain. Even before the boss fight it's raining, so why is it not raining only in this area?

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Suggested correction: I have been out in the rain several times where the rain is highly localized with areas where it is not raining adjacent to areas where it is raining.

Bug: There are certain parts of the game where you can play with the camera. In one of them, you can see through the Merchant's insides and you can see he's truly infected with Las Plagas! Watching him like this is really hilarious.

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Trivia: After leaving the main menu of RE4 for about 20 seconds, the trailer for the game comes up. During the course of the trailer, there is a short scene of Ashley putting her head in her arms. This is a reverse of a cut scene in the game where you rescue her after fighting the Iron Maiden, in which she looks up to see Leon.

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Question: The scene where Ashley is taking control of the grabber vehicle is a bit off to me. Like, in which part of her life the US president's daughter - a spoiled university student - was instructed about how to handle heavy machinery?


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