Audio problem: The Italian localization uses a professional cast of voice actors, including for the main roles the official dubbers of the TV series. However, there are very small filler voice clips, such as the recorded voice mail and answering machine messages, that were recorded by uncredited performers who were not even native speakers.

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Audio problem: You can take a snapshot any time with the in-world camera. It does not make much sense, considering that you can do that during videos that are shot in 3rd person instead of the standard 1st person perspective. In other words, you can take pictures of yourself that are not selfies and nobody could have taken them. If you can suspend your disbelief about it, there's still a glaring glitch; when you view the pics you took, the audio output at the time was saved too and plays again.

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Other mistake: The suspect James Wong in international localizations of the game (Italian and Spanish that I could personally check) has two discordant dates of birth on the same official FBI file; one is 10/04/1948, the one and only in the English version, the second inside the body of the notes is 11/01/1950.

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