Audio problem: The Choking Grounds: After being freed, the Gatekeeper will walk down the road and then leap up onto a higher area and proceed to walk behind a building to go away. Each step he takes is very loud as he's a giant rock creature on a paved road. But the moment he passes behind the building, the loud sounds of his steps stop where as you should still be able to hear him walking a way for a good distance. If you're standing in the right spot, you can even see him just suddenly despawn behind that building.

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Continuity mistake: The Choking Grounds: Once freed, the Gatekeeper starts walking towards War and speaks "Ancestors praise you." As he says this, he almost right to War, but the camera cuts to a different angle before he finishes the last word and suddenly the Gatekeeper is several feet behind War. It seems the animators had him jump forward to keep from showing the Gatekeeper stepping on War.

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The Charred Council: The Law is clear; When the Seventh Seal is broken, Four Horsemen shall ride forth to punish the wicked... be they Sons of Men, Lords of Heaven, or the Dregs of Hell. All upon the Earth will be judged, and the pact forged anew... You forget your post, Horseman! You forget the law! No call was given. Yet the Destroyer marched, and there you were found, under his black banner if the claims are true.
War: To hell with your claims! The Seals were broken! I was summoned.

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Trivia: The Apocalypse/Mayhem: During the cut scene where you see Abaddon and before you fight Straga, there is a moment when a Minion Demon tackles an Angel out of the sky next to a billboard on a building. If you look closely at that sign, there are various names on it. These names are people who are part of the Darksiders' development team. Names including John Tran, Howard Tang, Bri Thatcher, Nick Southam, Chris Doerr, Jeremy Robins, Pedro Seminario, and more.

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