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Grand Theft Auto V is a masterpiece of a game. The biggest compliment I can give to this game are the graphics and design; the setting of this game has been designed almost near perfectly. The graphics of the game felt so real, and I could not praise the attention to detail in the animation enough. It made me want to explore each singular detail of this game. GTA V also includes three likeable and well written protagonists in Franklin, Michael and Trevor, and all three work well into the world of Grand Theft Auto, as do the supporting characters, whether it be the rest of the DeSanta family, Lamar, Devin or the FIB agents. The gameplay was great, the game offered exciting missions to complete, and offers an open-world environment that was fun to explore when not doing missions. The game has a massive storyline, but is so engaging that I was always hooked whilst playing it. To conclude, Grand Theft Auto V is one of my favourite video games of all time, if not the favourite.

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Other mistake: Franklin and Lamar: Franklin and Lamar begin by entering two cars: a red car and a white car. If Franklin gets in the red car, then Lamar will get in the white car. As Lamar enters the white car, he is never shown pulling a handle. He is just miming the actions of pulling a handle and the car door just opens.

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Security Guard: I saw your face, I'll remember you.
Michael Townley: You forget a thousand things every day. How about you make sure this is one of them?

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Trivia: The motion capture performer for Franklin is Shawn Fonteno. Shawn Fonteno is the cousin of Young Maylay, who voiced the character CJ from the earlier Grand Theft Auto game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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Question: What is the name given to those cart things that can be driven around San Andreas? For a detailed description, the carts being referred to kind of look like a golf cart, but without the roof on it and they are only shown in San Andreas, and not shown in Los Santos.

Chosen answer: It is called a Civillian Caddy. Also the location being referred to is not San Andreas, but in fact Sandy Shores.

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