Stupidity: Friend Request: Michael sneaks into LifeInvader as an IT temp so that he can plant an explosive, which he is carrying in a blue bag, into the prototype mobile that Jay Norris is going to use. He leaves the blue bag, evidence tying him to the explosive, in the LifeInvader building.

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Bug: If you switch from playing Michael to Trevor, there is one occasion in the game where Trevor has a man tied to a support beam underneath a pier. If Trevor chooses to use his Jerry can and spills gasoline all around the man and sets it on fire, the tied up man catches fire, however, a glitch occurs in the process. The man catches fire, screams, then somehow pops straight out of the ropes keeping him tied up and starts running around. The rope has also not changed shaped and still remains stretched out at the front. The man then suddenly pops back into the ropes and stays tied up before he dies.

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Security Guard: I saw your face, I'll remember you.
Michael Townley: You forget a thousand things every day. How about you make sure this is one of them?

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Trivia: Fresh Meat: When Trevor arrives at Franklin's house, he leaps over the fence, but ends up tripping on the fence and Franklin starts laughing. The moment where Trevor trips was never scripted. What happened was, when the scene was being filmed, the motion capture performer for Trevor, Steven Ogg was supposed to leap over the fence, but ended up tripping on the fence and the motion capture performer for Franklin, Shawn Fonteno broke out laughing. Trevor's rant at Franklin after this was then made up by Steven Ogg himself.

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Question: What is the name given to those cart things that can be driven around San Andreas? For a detailed description, the carts being referred to kind of look like a golf cart, but without the roof on it and they are only shown in San Andreas, and not shown in Los Santos.

Chosen answer: It is called a Civillian Caddy. Also the location being referred to is not San Andreas, but in fact Sandy Shores.

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