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Corrected entry: Mr. Phillips: When Trevor, Ron and Wade are chasing down the van and the two bikers in Trevor's truck, Trevor will at one point say, "We can't fuck with the van, but we can drop those bikers." However, if the two bikers are killed before Trevor even says the line, Trevor will still stay "We can't fuck with the van, but we can drop those bikers", despite the bikers already being dead. Trevor can still say this line even with only one of the bikers dead, and it still would make no sense because he says "bikers" in the line, referring to two people.

Casual Person

Correction: In all 3 situation, the phrase "we can drop those bikers" makes sense. Either in the future sense where they have the option and ability is to kill the bikers. This is like saying "the road to the right is blocked, but 'we can' go left." Or in the past tense where "we can" is used in slang to indicate they were able to kill the bikers. This would be like saying of a baseball player "he's not fast, but 'he can' hit!" If only one biker is killed, "we can" would mean the outcome of killing a biker was uncertain, but then confirmed, so they can proceed to kill the bikers.


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Wade Hebert: Are we nearly there yet?
Trevor Phillips: No, Wade.
Wade Hebert: Are we nearly nearly there?
Trevor Phillips: You keep this up, you're not going to get there at all.
Wade Hebert: Can you tell me a story?
Trevor Phillips: No, Wade.
Wade Hebert: Let's play a game then. You know Animal, Mineral or Vegetable? I'll go first. I'm nanotechnology.
Trevor Phillips: [confused.] Uh, you're what?
Wade Hebert: Ooh. Dammit. I gave it away. I wasn't supposed to say what I am. I'll start again. Animal, vegetable or mineral.
Trevor Phillips: Hey, hey, hey. How about this? I'll tell you a story if you promise never to speak again.
Wade Hebert: I like stories.



Marriage Counselling: When Michael walks into his house at the start of the cutscene, keep an eye on the bouquet of white roses, shown in the hallway to the left of shot. In the very first frame, the white roses have been animated very brightly. After that first frame, the white roses suddenly shift to a much more shadowed white.



Fresh Meat: When Trevor arrives at Franklin's house, he leaps over the fence, but ends up tripping on the fence and Franklin starts laughing. The moment where Trevor trips was never scripted. What happened was, when the scene was being filmed, the motion capture performer for Trevor, Steven Ogg was supposed to leap over the fence, but ended up tripping on the fence and the motion capture performer for Franklin, Shawn Fonteno broke out laughing. Trevor's rant at Franklin after this was then made up by Steven Ogg himself.