Plot hole: Cleaning out the Bureau: At the garment factory, Michael arrives, agent Dave Norton arrives and later in the scene, agent Steve Haines arrives at the building, walks up the stairwell and says hello to the others. Apparently, the plot has completely forgotten that Steve had shot himself in the leg in the mission "Monkey Business" a few missions prior, to make himself appear as a double agent - he is walking around completely fine in this mission as if nothing happened.

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Plot hole: Trevor Phillips Industries: After arriving at the Meth Lab, Trevor tricks Mr. Cheng and his translator into entering an ice freezer. The translator then asks for Trevor to let him out and starts banging on the door. Trevor never locked the door and there is nothing restraining the door as Trevor had just opened it a second ago, so the translator could have simply just pushed the door open if he wanted to exit the ice freezer.

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Plot hole: Marriage Counselling: Michael destroys Martin Madrazo's girlfriend's house, believing it to be owned by the tennis coach. Within the 0.6 mile drive back to Michael's house, Madrazo's henchmen are suddenly firing on Michael and Franklin because Michael destroyed the house. Even Madrazo's girlfriend's told Madrazo about the incident, there should still be no way for Madrazo to know what Franklin or Michael looked like, track down their location or find them that quickly.

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Suggested correction: Although Madrazo would have had to have had men very close by for it to be possible he could have found out about Michael from the tennis instructor.


Even if Madrazo was told about Michael and Franklin by someone in or near his house, the amount of time it takes for them to reach him is far too quick. They find him around a minute or two after driving away from the house, and they had no way of knowing which direction he will be going in. This is far too unlikely, as it is far too quick after destroying the house for Madrazo to have tracked down and found Michael's location.

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Other mistake: Franklin and Lamar: Franklin and Lamar begin by entering two cars: a red car and a white car. If Franklin gets in the red car, then Lamar will get in the white car. As Lamar enters the white car, he is never shown pulling a handle. He is just miming the actions of pulling a handle and the car door just opens.

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Wade Hebert: Are we nearly there yet?
Trevor Phillips: No, Wade.
Wade Hebert: Are we nearly nearly there?
Trevor Phillips: You keep this up, you're not going to get there at all.
Wade Hebert: Can you tell me a story?
Trevor Phillips: No, Wade.
Wade Hebert: Let's play a game then. You know Animal, Mineral or Vegetable? I'll go first. I'm nanotechnology.
Trevor Phillips: [confused.] Uh, you're what?
Wade Hebert: Ooh. Dammit. I gave it away. I wasn't supposed to say what I am. I'll start again. Animal, vegetable or mineral.
Trevor Phillips: Hey, hey, hey. How about this? I'll tell you a story if you promise never to speak again.
Wade Hebert: I like stories.

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Trivia: Fresh Meat: When Trevor arrives at Franklin's house, he leaps over the fence, but ends up tripping on the fence and Franklin starts laughing. The moment where Trevor trips was never scripted. What happened was, when the scene was being filmed, the motion capture performer for Trevor, Steven Ogg was supposed to leap over the fence, but ended up tripping on the fence and the motion capture performer for Franklin, Shawn Fonteno broke out laughing. Trevor's rant at Franklin after this was then made up by Steven Ogg himself.

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Question: What is the name given to those cart things that can be driven around San Andreas? For a detailed description, the carts being referred to kind of look like a golf cart, but without the roof on it and they are only shown in San Andreas, and not shown in Los Santos.

Chosen answer: It is called a Civillian Caddy. Also the location being referred to is not San Andreas, but in fact Sandy Shores.

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