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Continuity mistake: Sand Central Station: Abomination is thrown through a station window and the glass flies out as he is thrown through. No glass is shown on the ground.

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Continuity mistake: During the intro clip, one shot shows Tony inside his suit with blonde hair. Later on during the intro clip for the "Sand Central Station" level, he is shown inside his suit with brown hair.

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Character mistake: When Doctor Doom is first shown in his lair, Loki, via webcam, says "This would have been much easier, if you had captured the board intact." Doctor Doom then replies "The Avengers showed up. They know how to ruin every good plan." However, during the clip prior to this, when Doctor Doom captures Silver Surfer and the board, only Iron Man was actually shown. The other five Avengers weren't present.

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Continuity mistake: The Hulk is shown shirtless, yet if he transforms back into Bruce Banner, his shirt is still with him.

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Trivia: The Marvel Comics company can be seen as a building in the background of New York City.

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