Question: When they are leaving the Baxter building, Coulson says "Are you going to tell them sir?" Then Fury says "One threat at a time Coulson" but what was the other threat?


Question: Rapturous Rise: At the start of the level, after freeing The Thing from the ground, Captain America and The Thing have to defeat some bad guys and destroy some bushes on a wall to knock it down. After knocking it down, and continue to walk, there will be an electric gate and it will have to be disabled and there is also a huge machine gun turret there as well. How do I disable this electric gate?

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Chosen answer: Captain America has a shield. Use his shield to deflect the blasts from the turret and it will bounce back at the turret destroying it. Left over from the turret is a piece of rubble. Switch to The Thing and have him throw the piece of rubble at the part of the wall that is glowing. This will uncover a target for Captain America to throw his shield. Switch back to Captain America and have him throw the shield at the target. The electric gate will be disarmed after this.

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Bug: That Sinking Feeling: When Iron Man, Spider-Man and Thor are battling M.O.D.O.K., after he has lost two lives and you have battled all of the guards, he will fall to the ground for someone to hit him. If M.O.D.O.K. lands on the left hand side of the platform and it is Thor who is hitting him, M.O.D.O.K. still won't lose a life.

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Trivia: Exploratory Laboratory: When the elevator shaft collapses, Deadpool can be seen inside the lift.

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