Kick-Ass 2

New this week Trivia: Kick-Ass' girlfriend Katie was written out of the script due to actress Lyndsy Fonseca being tied up with other projects. She was only able to free up enough time to film a brief cameo.


Trivia: At the beginning of the attack in the graveyard, just after Hit Girl is knocked out, the gravestone says 'Rest in Piece' rather than 'Peace'. (01:17:55)

Trivia: Stay until the end of the credits for an interesting scene.

Rydersriot87 Premium member

Trivia: When Dave flashes back to his Dad caring for him as a kid, his Dad is putting up a poster for a comic called Superior, which is another comic series created by Mark Millar (creator of Kick Ass), currently in development for a movie as well.


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