Corrected entry: Dusty says he is Norwegian to the car that comes and picks him up, but later on the scoreboard it shoes a U.S flag instead of the flag of Norway.

Correction: Dusty says "it's Norwegian", referring to his stage name, not himself.

Corrected entry: Similar to Cars, this movie takes place in a world populated by living machines, not humans or animals. So considering the fact that Dusty is a cropduster, who or what are those crops meant for? And what's the point of having planes that are passenger jumbo jets? Non-flying vehicles like cars and boats would be too large to fit inside a passenger plane.


Correction: Even in the Cars movies, the vehicles ate stuff. Like in Cars 2 when Mater ate the spicy stuff in Tokyo and made a fool of himself and McQueen. Also in the same movie, Mater, Shiftwell and McMissile travelled on a jet airliner. Obviously not for humans, but the jets still transport smaller vehicles.

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