Continuity mistake: When Dusty first takes off for the big race his "D7" on the right side of his tail disappears. (00:32:35)

Continuity mistake: Dusty Crophopper is on the USS Flysinhower being brought back up to flight deck on the aircraft lift. At this point the lift is fully surrounded by a raised barrier (poles and rope/chain). In the next close up shot (before the lift reaches the flight deck) the barrier has disappeared. The barrier should only retract into the deck of the lift once it reaches the flight deck (and not before) as it's to stop people and aircraft going over the edge.

Mr Manchester

Continuity mistake: As Dusty is escorted to the Flysinhower, his antenna that was ripped off in the previous scene is suddenly reattached. (00:58:25)


Continuity mistake: When first entering the first plane racing arena, Dusty is just a little ahead of Chug and Dottie, who are right next to each other. In the next shot, Dottie is behind and to the left of Chug.


Continuity mistake: At the first plane race, the announcer is sitting in front of a microphone and a mug. Later, the mug disappears, but then reappears in the next shot.


Continuity mistake: When Dusty is being pulled through the tunnel before the first Wings around the Globe race, he has a small Skull and Crossbones logo on his front cowling just behind the prop. The camera cuts away, and then cuts back and the Skull and Crossbones logo is now gone, by the time Dusty is next seen outside, the logo has reappeared.


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