The Conjuring

Question: It's established that The Witch possesses the mother. So is the Witch controlling the mother like a puppet or is she controlling her as in, she actually is the mother. Because when Ed says "reveal yourself", it's the Witch. When they try to drag her out, she gets dragged back in by an invisible force. So in what way is the Witch in control of the mother?


Question: What is the situation with the maid and the woman who hung herself in the cellar? Not to mention the little boy. I'm aware the Witch cursed them and possessed the mother to kill the child. But are their spirits being controlled by the Witch? I know they scare the Warrens and stuff. But the little boy (Rory) teachers April where to hide and shows where he hides. But why is he hiding if The Witch controls him? Are we to believe the Witch can't find Rory's spirit? But if the spirits are under her control why would Rory help April stay safe?


Question: What's the background story about the demon women? How did it all start?

Chosen answer: She was a witch that committed suicide. Before, she cursed everyone who set foot on her property.

Question: What did Lorraine Warren see during the footage where they participated in an exorcism of a farmer? She stared into his eyes and screamed, then they mentioned that she locked herself in her room for several days, and that it affected her badly. Has that ever been explained?


Answer: Ed's death.

Question: It's made clear at the beginning of the film that a demonic force is something that has never walked the earth in human form. Yet The Witch did walk the Earth in human form, but still has all the powers of a demon and Lorraine even calls it a "demonic presence." So can humans become demons when they die or did I miss something?


Answer: The demon takes control of the witch. The witch likely opened a portal for the demon who attached to the witch. As such, the demon still hasn't walked the earth itself.

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Continuity mistake: When looking at the dog from the bedroom window, there are 2 windows in the room facing the dog. When we see the window from outside only 1 window is lit up, despite both being in the same room. (00:11:30)

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Ed Warren: The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges on which we decide to follow.

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Trivia: The "Annabelle" doll seen in the opening sequence of the film was actually a regular "Raggedy Ann" doll in the real-life story that inspired the scene. The doll was redesigned to its current, much more grotesque form for several reasons: First, to make it more cinematic. And second, to avoid legal troubles with the copyright holders on Raggedy Ann. The filmmakers and Lorraine Warren also stated that they were interested in re-designing the Annabelle doll because they were afraid if they used a real Raggedy Ann doll, it would frighten children who might own them.

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