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The Phantom (1996)

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Corrected entry: At the beginning where Billy Zane rescues the little boy from the truck across the rope bridge. We see the pair fall from the truck and grab onto a piece of rope - as this happens you can see that Billy Zane's stuntman's phantom hood has come off and his hair is flowing freely.

Correction: In what way is this a mistake? The Phantom has hair under his hood, and even he is subject to physics, such as his hood being pushed back by a strong wind.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, all of the bad guys fly to the location of the cave in a twin-engine plane. When the two girls are ready to leave at the very end, the twin-engine plane is gone and one of the single engine planes seen earlier in the film is used for their departure.

Correction: Actually, by the time the girls are ready to leave at the very end, they're already back in the jungle. If you remember, The Phantom is telling Diana about all of the phantoms before him and he places his father's belt on his father's memory stone. The single engine plane is most likely from Drax's men's first visit to the jungle.

Corrected entry: The Sang Brotherhood live deep within a cave on a deserted island in the Caribbean. They have supposedly been there for generations, but, unless they eat their pet sharks and the moss on the rocks, they wouldn't be able to stay there more than a week.

Correction: Drax states earlier in the film that dozens of ships have sunk near the island, so it's safe to assume that the pirates have gotten their food supplies from the cargos of the ships.

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