The Perfect Storm

That huge wave you see on the previews kills them all. Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney have the chance to escape. Wahlberg escapes, but Billy Tyne (Clooney) is the skipper and goes down with the ship on purpose. Bobby Shatford (Wahlberg) dies at sea.

Steve Lawton

Continuity mistake: When the crew pull the hook out of the man's hand, he puts a spoon in his mouth - its facing right, but when he's done it's facing left. (00:55:15)

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Question: When they were trying to refuel the chopper, why didn't they turn the pipe on, regardless of whether the chopper was joined to it? The chopper would've been able to get some fuel, even if not a huge amount. Surely, it would've been better to waste loads of fuel than let the chopper crash?

Answer: That's not how the refueling line works; it would only dispense fuel if the helicopter's line was attached. Even if it didn't, the fuel they released would have been immediately swept away by the gale, diluted with the rainwater, so any minute amount that miraculously entered the helicopter's line would have been completely negligible and wouldn't have made a difference.

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