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Stupidity: A trained CIA hitman wants to kill the owner of a bar. Why would he go into the bar during opening hours, ensuring that there are witnesses to be eliminated, when he could break in after hours, use a few less bullets, and have fewer loose ends to tie up? The break-in would also provide a cover story for the kill. All rather unprofessional.

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It was very nice of the East Anglian Transport Museum at Chappel and Wakes Colne to provide a train for the coder to go home in, and come in to work. The station is even in Suffolk; but of the two lines through the station, one is used by public trains, and the other by historic preserved trains. When the coder gets off her morning train, it is seen passing across points from the museum platform line into the railway museum, rather than continuing up the line to Sudbury, as a public train would. Appropriately, the train is a heritage DMU - a museum exhibit which has not been used on the main line for at least 25 years. So that's three reasons why she's not on a train which actually goes anywhere.