The People Under the Stairs

Audio problem: As Fool is attacked by Prince in the wall he cries out "Alice, Get Back!" yet his mouth is shut.


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Audio problem: When the Man and Woman are talking in front of the fire about evicted Fool's family, when the Woman says "And the money" in a side shot, her mouth/jaw doesn't move.


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Audio problem: When Prince falls out of the wall, dead, the Woman cries out "You Killed Prince!" yet her mouth only says "Prince!"


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The Man goes completely trigger happy shooting all the walls all around his house, trying to kill Fool, Leroy, and Roach at different points. The police come in and don't notice anything wrong. What about the bullet holes all over the place?



Wes Craven was inspired to write this film after seeing a real-life news story about parents who locked their children up inside their house, never allowing them outside.