The People Under the Stairs

Plot hole: The Man goes completely trigger happy shooting all the walls all around his house, trying to kill Fool, Leroy, and Roach at different points. The police come in and don't notice anything wrong. What about the bullet holes all over the place?


Revealing mistake: When the man pushes Leroy's body down the basement stairs, as his body is sliding down, when it's almost to the bottom, you can plainly see Leroy lift his head up as he's sliding, although he's dead.

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Continuity mistake: In one scene where Fool goes back into the house to get Alice, he takes a fire-poker from the fire place. As he walks through the house, you can see the poker is intact. After he strikes "Daddy" you see the poker break. In the next shot, the poker is back, unbroken.


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Trivia: Wes Craven was inspired to write this film after seeing a real-life news story about parents who locked their children up inside their house, never allowing them outside.

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