Kingdom of the Spiders

Continuity mistake: The crop duster takes off to spray the spider hills. He is attacked in the plane by spiders and starts to fly erratically. The camera shows the spider lady, the vet and others from behind through an open shed door. They are standing in the open. The next shot shows the spider lady and the vet up close from the front and they are now in front of the shed wall. Just before the plane crashes they are shown from the shed again and they are all in the open again.


Continuity mistake: When they walk up to the spider hill to burn it, the rancher sticks a pitchfork in the ground straight up and starts pouring gas on the hill. The next scene shows a spider crawling into a hole. When it goes back to showing the rancher pouring gas, the pitchfork is now at an angle.


Continuity mistake: The spider lady and the vet go to the rancher's place to burn out the spider hill. While there, a bull runs out and collapses. While the spider lady is talking to the rancher's wife, her hands are by her side. When the camera switches to the wife's point of view, the spider lady's hands are in her coat pockets. When the view switches back, her hands are by her side again.


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