Evil Dead

Evil Dead (2013)

Ending / spoiler

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David buries the possessed Mia alive, freeing her of the demon. Mia crawls out of the dirt and hugs David. As they are about to leave the cabin, the possessed Eric attacks David and he is forced to burn down the cabin with him inside. It starts raining blood and a demon attacks Mia. She gets her hand torn off, but dices the demon up with a chainsaw. The blood stops raining and it seems the demons are gone, but as Mia leaves the cabin, the Book of the Dead shuts itself, leaving it open for a sequel.

At the end of the credits we see Ash (Bruce Campbell) from the previous films, in shadow, saying "Groovy".


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Abomination Mia: I will feast on your soul!
Mia: Feast on this, motherfucker.

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Trivia: The first letter of the first name of each of the 5 characters in the cabin spell the word DEMON.

oddy knocky

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