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Corrected entry: When Mia is first possessed she manages to walk around and shoot at her brother while drugged up on enough tranquillizer to 'put a horse to sleep', but at the end of the film it only takes one shot of the tranquillizer to knock her out for long enough for him to not only bury her, but give his teacher friend a fond farewell too.

Correction: It was a huge dose of tranquilizer she was given at the end; the line about putting a horse to sleep was pure hyperbole. The fact that it was delivered in a single shot is irrelevant given the sheer size of the syringe's barrel.

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Corrected entry: When David is burying Mia, she speaks with no impairment despite her tongue having been split lengthwise in a previous scene.


Correction: She's still possessed by a demon at this point. Throughout the film she's been doing all sorts of things that ought to be physically impossible for a mortal human to do.

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Abomination Mia: I will feast on your soul!
Mia: Feast on this, motherfucker.

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Trivia: In addition to many other nods to the original film, this remake also has several audio clips taken directly from the original film. One of the more noticeable instances of this is when Mia is first possessed, right after the door is thrown open by the force outside of the cabin (right before she vomits blood onto Olivia and is thrown into the basement). The lines "You will die, like the others before you! One by one we will take you!" can be heard in the background as Mia screams. This is taken directly from the original film, from the scene where Cheryl was possessed. In addition, when the main characters first arrive at the cabin, a low, demonic voice moaning "Join us" can be heard in the background. This is another audio clip taken from the original film.

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