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Corrected entry: When Gabriel comes to the house with his bloody chest wound, he lays down and they rip off his shirt to reveal the wound. On the far shot there is blood surrounding it, but when they come back to the near shot, the blood is gone.

Correction: You can hear Mel with the water, it's obvious that he wiped the blood off.


Corrected entry: Heath Ledger is not wearing a blue coat when he is confronted by the bad guy for having dispatches, but when they cut away to a new angle he is.

Correction: When the family is all standing on the steps, if you watch carefully, you can see the coat in Gabriel's hand (he's holding it down low so as not to be seen). You can also see him starting to swing it on just as the camera cuts back to Tavington.


Corrected entry: Tavington seems to say he is from the "Queen's army" when he is introduced to the soldier injured by "the ghost," but there was no Queen then, there was a King (George III).

Correction: Tavington says he's from the Green Dragoons, not the Queen's army.


Corrected entry: The Union Jack flag is shown for the English side, but it was not adopted until 1801, long after the war ended.

Correction: The Union Jack shown in the movie is historically accurate, a combination between the flag of England and the flag of Scotland, it was adopted in 1606 by the navy and 1707 by the land forces. The 1801 version, which adds the flag of Ireland, is a different version currently used but not in the movie.


Corrected entry: At the scene where the surrendering redcoats are killed, after one kneeling is shot in the head, look to the left and a little farther in the background of this action. You can see an actor who is supposed to be stabbing a redcoat on the ground, but it actually looks like he's spanking him to death.

Correction: How do you know he was supposed to be stabbing him to death? We see the patriots using the butts of their guns to kill red coats throughout the movie. This particular one could be doing the same.

Corrected entry: In the last battle, Col. Tavington is racing towards Benjamin Martin (flag in hand) on his horse. Martin then kneels and stabs Tavington's horse, sending the horse flying. Freeze frame here, you can clearly see that the horse is on a track; the mechanics are visible on the bottom right of the screen. (The filmming crew used a fake horse for this, as mentioned in the special effects featurette on the DVD version).

Correction: Per the rules of this site, if you have to pause or freeze-frame to see it, it's not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: In the beginning when all the children are rushing to Gibson in the woodhouse because of the postal worker delivering the mail, one boy loses his hat (this is very obvious), and it reappears in the next shot of him running.

Correction: That is not true - it never gets back on his head, but his brother picks it up which spawns the mistake that his brother doesn't bring it in the house with him.

Continuity mistake: Gabriel writes in his letter that his friend was killed at Elizabethtown, but you can see that the letter actually states he was killed at Monmouth.

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Susan Martin: Papa! Papa, don't, I'll say anything! Please, papa, I'll say anything you want, tell me what you want me to say and I'll say it... Papa please don't go.

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Trivia: By the time Heath Ledger won this role, he was flat broke. He recalled, 'It came to the point where I had like, no money.' He was practically living on Ramen noodles by that time. This was because he 'got nothing offers to do these teen movies and television sitcoms', and he refused to do them due to the 'very little depth' of the scripts. By the time he was accepted for The Patriot, he said later, 'I guess I put myself in a situation where I didn't belong. But saying no turned out to be more valuable than saying yes.'

Allister Cooper, 2011
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Question: Whats the name of the theme when the trailer shows the tagline 'before they were soldiers, they were family'?

Answer: I think the one you want is 'Unseen' - By Craig Armstrong which is track 2 on the Plunkett and Macleane soundtrack.

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