Hit and Run
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Clint Perrkins: Hey, give me that shovel. Boy, you look like a monkey fucking a football.

Annie Bean: If you spent two years building your dream car, and then you started to notice that it was also the dream car of a certain type of person, like people who are - I don't know, let's just call them rapists out of convenience. If you started to notice that your peers were rapists, what do you think that says about the old you who built this car?

Alex Dimitri: Now, I'm going to take your dog. But I'm gonna tell you something. It's not cool to wear those tank tops anymore. Unless you're wearing it ironically or something.

Annie Bean: Honey, everything I need for L.A. would not fit in the trunk.
Yul Perrkins a.k.a. Charles Bronson: Sweetie, this car also came as a hardtop convertible. The whole roof slid into the trunk. The trunk was designed to hold the entire roof. Believe me. Your stuff fit in the trunk.

Yul Perrkins a.k.a. Charles Bronson: I don't have a job. I don't have any friends. You don't love me anymore. So my word is really all I have going for me.
Annie Bean: I don't not love you. I'm just terrified that I don't know you.

Debbie Kreeger: I went to state school. I went to football games and blacked out and got date raped. I had abortions. I worried too much about what my boyfriends thought. I got what I deserved. But that's not you.

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