Identity Thief

Identity Thief (2013)

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Continuity mistake: When Sandy takes a taxi and goes to Diane's house, as he is arguing with her, the sweat pattern on his shirt changes several times as the scene switches from him to her and back.


Character mistake: When the mob guy that is after Diana is on the phone with the woman who tried to kill Diana, she is talking to her boss while getting her tire fixed. The boss guy is in jail and tells her to get rid of Julia, not Diana. Julia was the fake name she gave the real Sandy.

Continuity mistake: As Sandy's rental car rear ends the Fiat, the damage is shown in close-up, yet when he gets out of the car the damage is gone.

Continuity mistake: In the first shot there is movement from a hand banging from the inside of the Charger's trunk lid where the 2 killers are kept. There is a gun pointed at the trunk within a few centimeters, yet in the next shot there is no police officer at the back of the car, just one walking to the trunk from the right side asking "what have you got in the trunk?" (01:41:25)

Revealing mistake: The bounty hunter captures Diana and has her in his van. She knocks him out in their fight with a punch to the throat. He is slumped over the steering wheel and she can't get him off as the van is going down the highway. She can't steer the van at all and it is heading for a turn. However, on the outside showing Sandy's car following, they come to a turn in the road and the van turns. They did a good job trying to disguise this with the style of filming, but not quite good enough.

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Factual error: When the real Sandy follows the other Sandy after she leaves the hair salon, the other Sandy notices she's being followed and speeds up her car. When she does that, the camera focuses on the speedometer and it shows the date and time, which don't correspond to the time the appointment was supposed to be, 3pm. The time on the clock in the car shows 9:13am and the date is shown as Tue 23 Feb. Further research shows that the last time February 23rd was on a Tuesday was in 2010.

Dustin Bates

Other mistake: When Sandy goes to the gas station, where his card is declined he tells the clerk there is something wrong with pump 5 but if you watch, he is parked at pump 8.

Continuity mistake: When Diane is in the hotel beauty shop with a bunch of items in her arms before she sits down to get her hair done, at first the items in her arms are white and beige, as she turns to get her hair done the items are all in white bottles.


Continuity mistake: Just before a snake crawls up his pants leg, Sandy and Diana are lying on the ground by a camp fire. She begins singing a song as it shows the snake crawling up to him. She is lying on her side and you can see her right arm lying on her side not moving. The shot changes to show their faces as she is singing and now her right hand is in the air doing rap signs.

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Continuity mistake: Just after taking Sandy's identity, the girl gets arrested at a bar. One cop tries to get her to take a breathalyzer test. She leans in and tries to blow air, but blows puke all over the cop instead. The shot shows the cop raise his arm out in disgust. The immediately following shot from behind the girl, the cop's arm is suddenly down.

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Continuity mistake: When Sandy buys a car from the junkyard, he buys a 'Ford'; a little later in the movie Sandy and Diana are riding in the car Sandy bought, but now it's a Chevy.


Continuity mistake: When Sandy rear ends Diana's car, Diana gets out holding her neck, yet when they are discussing her name, there are several shots with her hand on her neck; then it's not, then its on her neck; then it's not, etc.


Continuity mistake: When Sandy is driving in his first rental car, the rear view mirror appears and disappears. From having a mirror, to a mounting bracket, to having no trace of mounting bracket or mirror whatsoever.

Continuity mistake: When Sandy goes to Diana's house he puts the handcuffs on her right wrist, yet when she tries to run and he tackles her, she rolls over and is grabbing at his face; the handcuffs are gone.


Factual error: When Sandy and Diana are driving in the Chevy they just bought at the salvage yard, Diana is talking too much so Sandy swerves twice to cause her to hit her head. He swerves twice to the right, which would cause her to move to the left, toward him, but she inexplicably moves to the right, and hits her head on the passenger side window, opposing the laws of physics. (01:21:05)

Continuity mistake: When Amanda Peet is filming the kids with Sandy and his birthday cake, the orientation of her camera changes from landscape to portrait, then back to landscape, within simultaneous 3 shots. (00:05:05)

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