Identity Thief

Factual error: When the real Sandy follows the other Sandy after she leaves the hair salon, the other Sandy notices she's being followed and speeds up her car. When she does that, the camera focuses on the speedometer and it shows the date and time, which don't correspond to the time the appointment was supposed to be, 3pm. The time on the clock in the car shows 9:13am and the date is shown as Tue 23 Feb. Further research shows that the last time February 23rd was on a Tuesday was in 2010.

Dustin Bates

Factual error: When Sandy and Diana are driving in the Chevy they just bought at the salvage yard, Diana is talking too much so Sandy swerves twice to cause her to hit her head. He swerves twice to the right, which would cause her to move to the left, toward him, but she inexplicably moves to the right, and hits her head on the passenger side window, opposing the laws of physics. (01:21:05)

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