Texas Chainsaw 3D

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Heather runs through the fairground she grabs onto the back of the Ferris wheel seat and is taken up in the air. Leatherface throws the chainsaw at the cop and the next shot shows Heather coming back down the other side of the Ferris wheel. But she should be on the inside of the carriages as it just spins round on an axis. These kinds of wheels don't "twist" at the top otherwise the rider would just be staring at the inside of the wheel the whole time.


Continuity mistake: When Heather is looking at the newspaper article about her family, the date is August 19th. That can't be because the event took place on the 19th, so the paper couldn't be dated the same day the event occurred.


Continuity mistake: In the scene when Heather is reading about her family history in the police station, the paper she is reading changes information about her mother Loretta. (01:03:10)

Continuity mistake: Leatherface drags Kenny down the basement stairs, which have carpet in the center, and Kenny pulls the carpet off as he's being dragged along. Later on when Heather runs up the stairs, the carpet is back in the center of the stairs.


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