Texas Chainsaw 3D

Character mistake: The Sheriff calls for Drayton Sawyer to bring out his son Jed (Leather Face) in the movie's opening scene. But it's long been established that they're brothers.


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Suggested correction: This is meant to be a direct sequel to the original film, and ignores the other sequels. And if memory serves correctly, the first movie never made any mention of them being brothers. (I just checked and the Texas Chainsaw fandom Wiki backs this up - the original film makes no reference to them being brothers.) So therefore, it is not a mistake if this movie re-writes him as being Leatherface's father.


Continuity mistake: When Heather is looking at the newspaper article about her family, the date is August 19th. That can't be because the event took place on the 19th, so the paper couldn't be dated the same day the event occurred.

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Darryl: Family's a messy business. Ain't nothing thicker than blood.

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Question: Just who all are all those other Sawyers in the opening scene? I saw The Cook and Grandpa but who were the rest and why were they there?


Answer: We are to presume they are extended family members and/or associates of the family that we simply didn't see in the original film.


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