Paranoia: 1.0
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Cashier: That's a lot of milk.
Simon J: Well, I like it.

Howard: You'll be fine. You have a conscience. That's all you need.

Howard: There are good people and there are bad people and they're on their way and they want you, Simon... The bad people can save you but they won't. The good people wanna save you but they can't.

Adam: There are changes happening, not all of them good.

The Neighbour: Bugs are part of the game.

Derrick: Smartcouch. It's nanotech. It's a fantastic piece of furniture, Simon. And it cleans itself.

Simon J: Hi Trish, it's me... Nature fresh milk.

Continuity mistake: Simon gets groceries, carries them home in two bags, and is then in the hallway without any groceries. It is never clear that he sets them down. (01:20:35 - 01:21:40)


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